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Bill Tomer

Primetime Designs 360 Sprint Car Series Week 5 Info

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It's Week 5 of the Primetime Designs Dirt 360 Sprint Car Series!
This week the series heads to Eldora Speedway for 30 laps!
If you are unfamiliar with our series, please read the entire email. It lays out everything you will experience tonight.
We will be starting a field of 24 cars! If there are more than 24 cars signed in tonight, we will have an LCQ after heat races.
Car numbers. Make sure you sign into the servers with the number you registered on the iRacing forum. If you sign into the race server with someone else's number and that person comes into the server and points it out, you WILL be given an EOL to start the main event.
There will be a possible random invert of up to 8 cars after the heat races to start the main event.
There are no resets. Single file restarts!
How the servers work:
At 8:30 PM EST a server will go up for 30 minutes of practice (hot laps). After that 30 minutes, in that same server there will be a lone qualifying session where you will have 5 minutes to run 2 laps.
After you run your 2 laps, leave the server. We will then split into heat races so there will be multiple servers. The entry button for the heat race you are in will be green, the others will be black. The number of heat races depends on car count with a maximum of 8 cars per heat. Heat races will be 10 laps with cautions on (don't wreck).
If there are more than 24 drivers, we'll transfer cars based on number or heat races. Ex: If 28 drivers show up we will run 4 heat races of 7 cars, transferring 5 cars from each race to the A-Main. Drivers that do not transfer will then run an 8 lap, 8 car LCQ. 4 drivers will transfer to the A-Main. The A-Main or the LCQ will be run in a different server than the heat races. If there is an LCQ, after that race we will run the A-Main in another separate server. LCQ's MUST BE RUN IN THE STANDARD HOSTED AREA. We do all of this so we can run run heat races. It's the only way to do it. The LCQ will only have 5 minutes of practice so if you're in there, join fast!
ITZR will then "roll" for the random invert, set the lineup and put up a server with that lineup set with all drivers from the LCQ lined up by finish at the back of the qualified field. That server will have 10 minutes of practice to make sure everyone is in the race server. We'll then race for 30 laps!
Server usages will go as follows. Practice will open with a "green" track with qualifying being carried over from practice. Heat races will start with 35% track usage. LCQ/Main Event will be 50% track usage. We have to do this as track states are not carried over from server to server.
Time of day varies with the series. Practice and qualifying are run during the afternoon. Heat races are in the late afternoon and the main event will be at night.
Teamspeak Info: Server - If you don't have Teamspeak, head to teamspeak.com to download. You do not need to be on Teamspeak during the race, but it helps to know what is going on.
Session Info:
Eldora Speedway (Night)
Practice Begins: 8:30 PM EST / 5:30 PM PST Qualifying Begins: 9:00 PM EST Heats immediately following qualifying LCQ/Main Event following heat races
Password: sprintcar5
All sessions will be found in the hosted section of the iRacing Server at the top of the hosted page in the Tournament area (Tournament is above standard hosted sessions).
If you have any questions, let us know!

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